The Fellas: Our Family Thought For Today!

I recently had 2 experiences that were extremely fulfilling and quietly brought me to tears.

The first occurred on Father’s Day, when one of my nephews called me in the early evening. He said “Unc I called you so that you could hear my voice tell you Happy Father’s Day.” He went on to say that while we had indeed exchanged the pleasantries earlier in the day over the technological platforms; he “wanted me to hear it directly from him with his voice.” Just like his younger brother, he is a solid young family man with a wife and 3 children, building a new home, and seldom missing church. He thanked me for the influence that I had been in his life and we ended the call with our hopes and prayers for many more years to come.

The second experience is memorialized in this picture. My little brother (1 of my few heroes), who is 10 and a half years younger than I am, often lived with me during his last couple of years of high school and into his early 20’s. At a 4th of July cookout this past Sunday at his house, his close friends offered me their thanks and appreciation for being there for them. They explained that I had stepped in at times as a big brother, paternal figure, mentor, disciplinarian, and influence on their values. They are all good, solid, strong men, hard-working providers for their families, and importantly gentlemen. I am very proud and love them.

They wanted to take this picture and insisted that I sit down, out of respect I am sure, although there were jokes about my ankles swelling if I stood too long.

Each one must teach “several,” not just one, in order to help lift us collectively out of the issues that plague us as a society. These 2 recent experiences reinforced for me that mentoring, caring, loving, disciplining, and simply being there are mandatory for us all regardless of station in life or time constraints!

At the end, I suspect that your life will be measured simply by what you have done or tried to do for others. And the humility with which you did it!

I would love for you to weigh in with your comments and share some of your experiences with mentoring, caring, loving, discipline, and simply being there. If we have a family meeting and share our collective experiences, I am certain that nothing but good will come of it, so take a moment and……………….

Read, learn, and share……..Have a Family Meeting!

With Love,



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