While surfing the news this morning on Yahoo, I came across this fascinating article about Hattie McDaniel and her career as an Oscar Award winning movie star. A favor had to be called in for her to be allowed to enter the “whites only” hotel and club where the Oscar Ceremony was being held that would go down in history because of her historic win.

As some sit tomorrow night and watch the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s biggest night, which by the way has been highly scrutinized this year for its absence of nominations of people of color, I hope that Ms. McDaniel’s achievements and dignity will help to shore up the belief especially in our young people that anything can be achieved.

I also hope that all of those in attendance who are there because they stand upon her shoulders and the shoulders of other pioneering Black actors will glance upwards for a brief moment in homage and thanksgiving to the spirit of a woman whose testimonial wish to be buried in what is now the Hollywood Forever Cemetery was denied because of its strict “whites only” policy.

Read, learn, and share…Have a Family Meeting!


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