I recently heard someone say that life continuously evolves as a collection of memories. We had a fantastic family dinner on Thanksgiving at my brother’s home. My 90-year-old Dad, 86-year-old Mom, and 87-year-old Aunt were all there with us.

This morning I watched my 20-year-old son leave with 2 of his buddies for a 4 hour drive back to college. Later in the day, he sent me a text to tell me that he made it safely. My 18-year-old daughter submitted several college applications this weekend. Our great-niece and nephew have been here with us all day.

These days of Thanksgiving break are now officially added to my ever evolving collection of life’s memories. I am ever so mindful of the fact that these memories are punctuated by how quickly our children have grown up and that times goes by so quickly it seems.

Most of all, as this Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end and I look forward to the Christmas season, I am closing my treasure chest of memories for now with a prayer dedicated to the hope for so many more yet to come.

Read, learn, and share….Have a Family Meeting!

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