“There is no stronger love in the world than the love of a parent for their child. One of the hardest, most bittersweet things a parent will do is wave goodbye as their child goes off to college. For 18 years that parent loved, cared for, sheltered and sacrificed for this child. In an instant, that child is sent off on their own.” Author Unknown.

We have taken some time off from The Family Meeting to refresh and engage in some self-reflection as to our hopes, dreams, and direction for our Blog.

As we go into September, please join us, access us, and let’s continue to share our thoughts, ideas, comments, and insights. While mainly about family issues, we will not just be limited to them.

There will continue to be a “family thought for the day.” The above is a little something to reflect on, for those who are feeling like me and missing their sons and daughters.

Read, learn, and share….Have a Family Meeting!

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