“That evening he plays with the children, cleans the hamster’s cage with them, gets them into their pajamas, and reads to them three times over, once together, then to Jake on his own, then to Naomi. It is at times like these that his life makes sense. How soothing it is, the scent of clean bed linen and minty toothpaste breath, and his children’s eagerness to hear the adventures of imaginary beings, and how touching, to watch the children’s eyes grow heavy as they struggle to hang on to the priceless last minutes of their day, and finally fail.”
― Ian McEwan, Sweet Tooth

Our time with our children is often the antidote for the crazed pace of life and career challenges. Dads, if you are not too busy this evening, go home and play with the kids, read to them, and then tuck them in; it may just be the soothing salve that you need for the bumps and the bruises of the day.

If they are grown and out of the house, take a few minutes to be quiet and steep yourself in the fond memories of those tasks gone by; I am sure that it will be as soothing to you as it is to our young counterparts.

Read, learn, and share…Have a Family Meeting!

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