In this article, my wife, Margaret Bernstein, columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, offers a profound and personal story of the power of mentoring. The story is of her older brother, Alan’s, commitment to mentoring through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters programming.

I have the distinct pleasure of now calling Alan Bernstein my brother, having met him about 23 years ago just a few months before marrying his sister. He is and has always been from my vantage point a distinguished gentleman, person, brother, husband, father, and friend.

In addition, I am proud to call Derek Jackson my friend, a man who exemplifies that the sky is the limit when a willingness to learn intersects with an exceptional role model. I am grateful that Derek has now returned to that figurative intersection with my almost 20-year-old son.

My wife, brother Alan (we dropped the “in-law” tag very early on in our relationship), and my friend Derek are in Denver, Colorado, demonstrating and celebrating the far-reaching positives and life changing impact of dedicated mentoring, as participants in the National Big Brothers/Big Sisters Convention.

I love them and I am extremely proud of them as well.

What better place to tell them…. and you…. than at The Family Meeting?

C. Randolph Keller


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