“Parents make the extra effort for their children every single day because they love their babies, but also because they never know what fate might bring. To be a parent is the ultimate celebration of life, but it also comes with the sober and unspoken preparation for the day when you’re not there anymore to care for them. We pray that day comes much later on, but we know that’s not up to us.

Father’s Day, always tied to the U.S. Open and the game of golf, can be equal parts jubilant and sad. We are elated to give our kids a hug on Father’s Day, and we are crushed when we can’t get a hug from a father who is no longer with us. How many sons remember watching the final round of the U.S. Open with our fathers, and how many of us still watch a great putt or sand save and think, Dad would have loved this?”

Excerpts from an article written by Eric Adelson, Yahoo Sports

I found this very touching as a Father and one who loves the game of golf! On Sunday morning, I am playing with my son and while we always remove our hats and shake hands at the end of the round as proper golf etiquette dictates; I am going to give him a big hug too!

I just hope that he doesn’t beat me!

Read, learn, and share…Have a Family Meeting!

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