This link is an article and some photography/videography about an unborn baby who extended her hand out of the womb to the physician who was delivering her via C-Section. She is seen wrapping her tiny hand around the surgeon’s finger. Her tiny little hand is the only part of her that is visible in the photo at that moment.

Although the photo/video has gone viral and the news outlets have thoroughly covered this feel good story, I am posting it here on The Family Meeting because the story touched my heart deeply. I was impacted by this story for several reasons, with several thoughts and emotions. I just wanted to share a few of them in this post.

1) I was touched by the kindness and trust of this unborn baby girl to extend a hand out of the womb to a fellow human being, untainted by the myriad of negative influences contained in the world that she was in the delicate process of entering. Certainly, these influences have impacted us adults to the extent that extending a hand is not always the first thing that we do when entering a new world or environment.

2) I was struck by the symbolism of openness, acceptance, trust, love, family, life, skill, and so many others woven into this story, all of which should remind each and every one of us of just how precious life and family are and should always be to everyone.

3) It is my hope that we all take a lesson in this New Year from this unborn baby and for that matter all of our children. They come into this world with an open mind and an accepting heart that is not burdened with the negative influences of our world.

Truly, our world family will be much better off in the days ahead if we all took this lesson to heart. Personally, in the future when entering a new world, a new environment, or meeting new people for the first time, the first thing that I am planning to do is extend a hand…… just like this baby.

I hope that you do too!

Read, learn, and share….Have a Family Meeting!

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