Today is 9/11, a day and date that will forever be indelibly etched in the history of America and the lives of Americans. This tragedy struck and moved us all in various ways.

One of my nephews was a freshman at NYU, having moved completely across country from Los Angeles to start what is now a full-blown career in New York’s financial district. Our family, like so many others, was suspended in time that day hoping, praying, and worrying until we eventually received word of his, along with that of other family and friends in New York City, well-being. Earlier this year, in June, he and his beautiful bride were married and began their life of endless possibilities that America offers like no other place in the world.

Two of my other nephews make me equally as proud, in the context of 9/11. They are additional examples of how this terrorist attack impacted our family on a personal level. One avoided rounds and explosive devices in Baghdad, serving our country in the United States Army. I vividly recall one 7 week period when we did not hear from him at all. Suffice it to say, it was miserable. He has since married, has 2 terrific little girls, and just completed an undergraduate degree, all while holding down a full-time job, and being a husband and father.

Our other nephew served in the United States Navy and patrolled the seas all over the world during the Iraq War. Deployed twice, he is now a college graduate and a fine young man, who can always be counted on to attend family celebrations and to conduct himself as a stellar example for his younger cousins (2 of which are our children).

I love these 3 young men, my nephews. Each of them is strong, smart, college educated, and responsible. They are all examples of what makes America the greatest country in the world. They each were placed in harm’s way on 9/11, one as a civilian, and the other two as members of our armed forces. This is my family’s 9/11 story, an American story.

So today, I have 2 wishes:

1. That each and every family impacted or directly touched by this horrific tragedy will feel and receive my family’s prayers of peace and comfort on a day that I am sure brings an array of emotions ranging from sadness and emptiness, all the way to thanksgiving and joy.
2. In this disgusting climate of political polarization and divisiveness, brought on by a political machine that is content to brazenly finance the exploitation of our differences, instead of celebrating our commonalities, or using common sense to build bridges of compromise over those differences, I have another prayer, which is that ALL AMERICANS pause to pray for our 9/11 families, embrace our family members, and maybe, just maybe, take a moment to celebrate our differences, listen to a different political viewpoint with an open mind, and demand from our politicians some common sense bridges of compromise over those differences.

If there ever was a good day to start to change the landscape, isn’t it 9/11?

I know for a fact that my nephews and so, so, many others that have been either directly or indirectly impacted by this day have earned it!

Please accept this heartfelt thank you and prayers from us at The Family Meeting. They go out to all who lost their lives and to their families on this anniversary of 9/11.

Read, learn, and share….Have a Family Meeting!

2012 All Rights Reserved. The Family Meeting.

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