One of my dearest friends is an extremely smart man, who I share very pointed and challenging conversations with, when we are able to arrange the demands of our teenage daughters’ schedules (they are extremely close friends), our own schedules, and the stars actually line up. It really does happen more than one would think. Truthfully, we have become family.

Our conversations are refreshing and invigorating, as our mental jousting ranges from comedic interludes to intense and serious discussions of politics, or the rise and fall of the stock market. His inquisitive nature is I am sure intimidating to some, grating to others, and to a lot of folks like me a breath of fresh air that forces me to think carefully before I open my mouth.

“I have noticed a shift in the blog,” he said Friday night as we sipped margaritas, out to dinner with our daughters. “These posts are not for the “at risk” families or young men that you set out to reach when you started it a couple of years ago. It has evolved into a slice of life kind of thing and for the most part this is not their slice of life. So, I just want to understand what are you doing now and who are you trying to reach?”

There I was again, in that place that I find myself with him during our serious conversations. It is one of the places that I love about our relationship; your answer cannot be as simple as who won the game or let me tell you a joke. He probes and challenges! Furthermore, as I said, he is pretty damn smart so the answer had better make sense. The good news is that I think he would say that I am a pretty smart guy too. I believe that he would also say that a lot of these great intellectual qualities of our friendship are mutual.

So, in response to these very pertinent and important questions: what is The Family Meeting doing and who are we trying to reach, I wrote this post to offer these answers:

1. Here is what we are trying to do. We are creating a wonderful and large community known as “The Family Meeting.” A community, who will read a post, thought, or commentary, share it with family and friends, or others and then everyone; learn from their dialogue or “family meeting.” Through the lens of common experiences, thoughts, observations, or feelings, such a dynamic and large community surely can be built. We saw it recently as so many other mothers commented and reflected on my wife’s thoughts about our son leaving for college.

2. Our hope is that our newly built cyber community will use these post and interactions for good. The amount of divisiveness, selfishness, and preoccupation with personal challenges in our world today could potentially make it very easy to simply digest that momentary sense of thoughtfulness or euphoria from a positive thought or reflection about family, love, or other issue. Our hope is that The Family Meeting community will go the extra mile to share those thoughts and feelings with others in order to share, learn, and do well. These phenomena will hopefully make the world a better place.

3. This would mean that The Family Meeting has caused positive social change and that is both an excellent thing and a wonderful purpose for our Blog.

Help us to make these goals happen, if you find all of this a worthwhile endeavor.

I know that we will be successful in the pursuit of these aims. I am also sure that as we grow; my friend will have new thought-provoking questions, suggestions, and challenges!

I so love the Family Meetings that he and I have!

Read, learn, and share….Have a Family Meeting!

2012 All Rights Reserved. The Family Meeting.

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  1. Rk says:

    This is A valid, timely, and provokes further thought and questions.

    This blog definitely clarifies the change in direction and rationale for it.

    Clearly the family meeting represents something much needed in the community.

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