These stories about David Boone made me cry. Here’s why:


1. No child should every have to seek refuge outdoors to sleep on a park bench because he has nowhere to go and is homeless.

2. No child should have to make a personal safety decision to sleep outdoors on a park bench during the day so that he could stay awake all night outdoors in order to protect himself.

3. No child should ever have to do his homework in a public transportation facility in order to stay warm.

4. No child should have to face significant medical issues with all of the additional stress of a nomadic life and family problems of this magnitude.

5. No child’s family should ever be fractured to this extent, or any extent, due to gang violence and their home being shot up because of gang related affiliations.


6. Because very good people become angels here on earth in the lives of lots of people in difficult situations like the David Boones of the world and do what they can.

7. Because a young man in the greatest country in the world can rise above all of these challenges and attend arguably the best college in the country and perhaps the world.

8. Because our great God creates in us the inner strength to persevere under the most daunting of circumstances.

9. Because by all accounts David Boone is not bitter or angry.

10. Because my children have been blessed to know none of these challenges.

I cried the most when I heard that David handed his mother his first tee-shirt from Harvard. These tears specifically were tears of joy and sadness!

Read, learn, and share…..Have a Family Meeting!

C. Randolph Keller

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  1. momshieb says:

    Wow, what an inspiration! Imagine how many other David’s there are out there who just need a hand….thank you for this post.

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