My Mother’s Day Reflection by Andy Razaf

We are forever in debt to our mothers.

There’s a check that I’ve cashed on mother
And it’s long been over-drawn,
On the bank of love and sacrifice,
From the day that I was born;
A check in terms of endless care,
Of sleeping nights and tears,
Signed by her hand that has toiled for me
From childhood to manhood years.

This check has drawn so much interest
‘Till its total leaves me dismayed,
For I know if I live a million years
It can never be fully repaid.
The priceless love of a mother
Can never be bought with gold;
It’s God’s greatest gift from heaven,
A blessing that cannot be sold.

Now since this is true, darling mother,
It leaves me with just one plan;
I’ll make you happy by doing my best,
And always playing the man.
I’ll never forget or neglect you;
I’ll write (if it’s only a line)-
May heaven bless and protect you,
Wonderful mother of mine.

By Andy Razaf

I just said good night and Happy Mother’s Day to my 85-year-old Mom and several other women who are terrific mothers in their own right and all apart of my family. We had a terrific time at my home this evening. I have also said a prayer today for all of the wonderful mothers in my life who have transitioned into glory. So now, I say to all of you who read The Family Meeting and are mothers biological or in so many other crucial ways; Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you. Our prayer here at The Family Meeting is that God continues to bless you and that His will be done in all of our lives.

Good night and I hope you had a joyous and blessed day.

Read, learn, and share……and if there ever was a day to have a Family Meeting…this was one!

C. Randolph Keller

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