On Faith and Family

Sometime ago, in response to a question, “What do you think about The Family Meeting?”, someone very close to me who I love dearly responded, “You write a lot about what a great family you have.” This person went on to explain that there seemed to be a lot of posts like that and it may be a turn-off to some readers if it is perceived as bragging.

Because of my love for this person and the value that I place on them and their opinions, I thought it best to take a step back and reflect on the observation. The Family Meeting was fairly new at the time and I wanted acclaim, not criticism, constructive or otherwise. I did go back and count the posts about family when I heard this, and oddly, there weren’t that many about my family actually or proportionately.

I must admit that since that conversation, I have tried to modulate the subject matter of the posts, so that they hopefully provoke thought in ways, subjects, and aspects of life that include but are not limited to family, and mine in particular.

I must admit that I am always a bit preoccupied with thoughts of family. The two mainstays of a good life, in my humble opinion, are family and faith. I never meant to seem as though I was bragging about my family or its greatness. We have our significant problems and challenges just like everyone else.

I recently wrote about my Gram on her birthday. One of my nephew’s birthday is the same day as my grandmother’s. My brother recently had a birthday at the end of April and my mother turned 85 a couple of days after that. My son has attended his last high school class and is now working on his senior project in New York City. Mother’s Day is fast approaching and another nephew is getting married soon. These life experiences are continuous, mostly joyful and sometimes challenging, so by definition they hold down a place in the forefront of my mind.

As we face this thing called life, as families with these ongoing experiences, joyous and otherwise, the two things that I can tell you for sure about mine are that our faith will always see us through and you will continue to read about us every now and then at The Family Meeting.

Read, learn and share……..Have a Family Meeting!

C. Randolph Keller

2012 All Rights Reserved.

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4 Responses to On Faith and Family

  1. momshieb says:

    I find this post very interesting (as I find all of your posts!) because I also constantly question myself and my writing. Its funny how easy it is to fall into worry about what others think!
    Personally, I find your posts to be very honest and warm. Your love for your family is very clear, but you never sound to me as if you are bragging. I love to hear about your family life!

  2. Reggie Anderson says:

    Keep watering your family and yourself. Let those who think you make to much fan fare about your family, become fans of their own. Cheer don’t jeer. Have a family bragging party, makes for great conversation for those who don’t know themselves, where they come from and where they may be going. Have a family meeting!!

  3. thank you for your support. I also enjoy reading your work very much. Let’s continue to support each other in this venture and Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Grisela Jackson says:

    We need more strong family units to show others what it takes to stay together and go through the rough mountains in our lives. Celebrate your family always! Stay the course.

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