The Music Men of A Phi A!

Check out the music of some of my Alpha brothers down through the years.

Let’s start with Brother Cannonball Aderley of Beta Nu Chapter.

Another great American Jazz Saxophonist who is an Alpha Man-Mr. Gerald Albright.

Or, the soulful sounds of Jerry Butler of A Phi A

One more from the Iceman:

Brother Duke Ellington for you:

Some more jazz from my frat brother Mr. Lionel Hampton:

How about Brother Donny Hathaway for your musical enjoyment?

There is also Brother Lionel Richie:

What a compilation of musical greatness? As we celebrate Black History Month here at The Family Meeting through profiles of the men of A Phi A, I am overwhelmed at the tremendous contributions of this great brotherhood in so many facets of society.

I wonder how many cabinet members there have been. We’ll find out tomorrow!

Read, learn, and share…Have a Family Meeting and jam to this great music with the kids.

C. Randolph Keller ’06

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