Proving Hollywood Wrong!

Come on America, let’s all get together and prove Hollywood is dead wrong.
It seems that Spike, Tyler, and Lucas are right; it’s about the same old song.
Produce a World War II movie whose stars and heroes are predominately Black.
Mr. Lucas, we can’t produce this movie; we will never get all of our money back.

This is basically an all Black movie with no major roles for our white stars.
Instead, we’ll do another movie about impossible missions or animated cars.
You eagerly produced Indiana Jones and Chubaka, the ape, flying in space.
These men are American World War II heroes; this is a shame and a disgrace.

They overcame intentional obstacles of racism placed in their way at Tuskegee.
In the midst of all this hate, these young men fought and died for us to be free.
So here is what I am going to do, I’ll write the checks and do it without you
There is a wealth of Americans, who will see this feature film all the way through.

Each of us Americans, Black or White, must go see Red Tails, young and old.
Deliver a strong message, like Eleanor Roosevelt, the first lady, who was so bold.
Go to the theatre, don’t bootleg, let’s prove to Hollywood they are so dead wrong.
Overwhelming support financially can put an end to Hollywood’s same old song.

Our family is going today! How about yours?

Read, learn, and share……Have a Family Meeting!

C. Randolph Keller

All Rights Reserved.

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