I was stunned and couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the news.
I was watching a group of young people, trampling each other for sports shoes.
From the video footage, they were mostly teenaged, Black, and male.
The doors were still locked, as they all gathered early for the shoe sale.

When the store door unlocked, total chaos was the result of throwback by Nike.
It was disheartening to see what has been done to these youngsters’ psyche.
My first thought was whether they have this much energy for an education.
Probably not, having been indoctrinated that life is about immediate gratification.

How do we change the focus from rap music, videos, and athletic shoes?
Frankly, this upside down value system of our society gives me the blues.
There must be change, a wholesale cataclysm, a total revolution in what we do.
We have to start, to impart, a different kind of knowledge, causing a breakthrough.

I am certain that more positive and uplifting news could have been reported that day.
It seems that the bulk of the news about our urban youth is reported in this way.
A change to education, family, respect, decent values… instead of athletic shoes.
What a great day it would be, if stories about these things became the only news.

Read, learn, and share…..Have a Family Meeting!

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