I have some wishes for our family of readers. It is an unconventional wish list by design.

The primary goal of The Family Meeting has always been to promote the enhancement of critical thinking. As we commence this new year, it is my hope that The Family Meeting will continue to grow and challenge each of its visitors to read, learn, and share……especially by having a family meeting!

Understand that when we say “family,” it could be your immediate family, your students, your friends, co-workers or any of the groups that you interact with on a daily basis where you discuss topics of relevance and importance.

So for each of those family groups that you might share some time with, here are my wishes for you in this new year of 2012:

1. ON THE FAMILY MEETING-that you will continue to read, support, and help us to grow this forum by commenting, interacting, and discussing our thoughts, commentaries, and posts. These processes can shape new thinking and hopefully contribute to the improvement of the world in which we live.

2. ON OUR CURRENT VALUE SYSTEM FOR YOUNG PEOPLE-that we conduct ourselves in a fashion in 2012 that begins to offer our youth viable role model alternatives to rappers, athletes, and entertainers.

3. ON FAMILY-that each of us re-dedicate ourselves to our families, spend more time with our older relatives and loved ones, continue to nurture our young with care, attention, discipline, and love.

4. ON FATHERHOOD-that father-child relationships are improved in circumstances where improvement is needed and that intact relationships grow more loving and special each and every day of the new year.

5. ON EDUCATION-that each of us make an effort to learn something new about individuals who may be different from ourselves in perspective, belief, religion, politics, culture, economic status, etc…….perhaps, we may discover that we have a lot more in common than we do differences!

6. ON HEALTH-that each of us take the time out to explore ways (exercise, nutrition, spirituality, among a few) to become more healthy every day and that God grant us good health and well-being in furtherance of positive daily works.

7. ON SPIRITUALITY-that we all in our own way take time regularly to enhance our spirituality. As spiritual beings having a human experience, this focus can only result in positives for our current and future existence.

8. ON WOMEN-that you continue to be the grounded centers of life that you have always been since the beginning of time, continuing your roles as mothers and mates, with health, grace, and beauty; in addition that you are respected, protected, and loved for carrying on this role in our lives and in the world.

9. ON MEN-that we stand strong in the lives of those with whom we have been placed, teaching boys to become men through examples of love, guidance, education, leadership, and spirituality, directing our boys onto the path of manhood by quiet and towering pyramids of strength, love, and leadership; teaching young girls appropriate boundaries, correct understanding of love by profound examples of it, protecting them as men and fathers should!

10. A BETTER PLACE-that each of us work hard to make the world a better place in 2012 socially, economically, and politically, through efforts to build consensus and not division simply for division sake!

Read, learn, and share…….Have a Family Meeting!

Thank you for helping me to live my dream. Happy New Year!

C. Randolph Keller

All rights reserved.

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