For some time now, I have been so overwhelmed with worry and stress.
As a father, I continue to struggle with which approach was the best.
Making a decision about what to do, it is truly a fine, thin, line.
The dilemma for a loving and caring father is more money or more time.

Early on, I choose to dedicate myself to always being there.
Awards, dinners, games, and speeches, it did not matter where.
It was so important to me that my children always saw my face.
I tried to make the event, no matter the when, where, why, or place.

The alternative was a lawyer’s 70 hour demanding work week
A detailed and full schedule, to get away, I would have to sneak.
Here is the catch, the six figure money would have been so right.
There would not be all these money worries keeping me up at night.

The kids are well on their way to being adults in good mental health.
I still go to games, awards, dinners, speeches; yet, do I have wealth?
I have no idea what is the correct walk, which one turns out fine.
Different fathers make different choices, I choose to walk the time side of the line.

Even though I have no money and all of the problems that come with it; for me, there is no greater wealth than mine.

You see, through it all, I am truly blessed and happy that I choose the time!

Read, learn, and share…….Have a Family Meeting!

C. Randolph Keller

All rights reserved.

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