In 1965, The Voting Rights Act was passed. Our youngsters need to know the history of voting in this country, as well as the current efforts in so many swing states to suppress voter registration and voter rights in the 2012 election cycle.

Proponents of these laws cite the need for valid voter identification. Opponents see it as a means of voter suppression.

As a person who witnessed the civil rights era of the ’60’s, through the lens of a young boy, I am saddened, afraid, and upset about what many believe to be the current voter suppression efforts that are underway in these states. Not suprisingly, all of these states are pivotal to the upcoming presidential election in 2012.

We have our own version of these voter suppression efforts going on in my home state of Ohio. Perhaps, I would not feel this way if voter fraud had really been a pertinent issue in the 2008 election cycle and there actually was something to fix.

I read the link below. It is an insightful and thought-provoking story about the issue of voter registration in Tennessee.


Read, learn, and share…..Have a Family Meeting!

Most importantly, do everything you can to make sure everyone votes in 2012!

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