A Dedication Postponed

A few weeks ago, Dr. King reverently asked God for some rain.
“Given the current state of civil rights, perhaps, it should be a hurricane!
We all worked so hard, fought, and even died for the Act of 1964,
With a true belief that someday hatred and poverty would be no more.”

“I want the rain, even though it will postpone this grand dedication plan.
I prefer for now a re-dedication to love, and protecting the rights of every man.
I want the people to know how the Country’s condition saddens me.
There is war, hunger, suffering children, a lack of love….. still much bigotry.”

“I watch poor kids who must go to a run down, substandard, public school.
A congressman calling the President a “liar,” he was acting like a fool!
I see care, decency, and respect waning, as I sit and watch from above.
What happened to my message, it was for all of us to focus on love.”

“Make no mistake, Hoover lied, I loved this Country and it is so very great.
We are still the best ever, there is no other country on earth that can equate.
So please as you read, or hear this, I ask that you not question my patriotism.
I have asked God for the rain so that you can refocus on hope, not cynicism.”

Read, learn, share…..Have a Family Meeting!

C. Randolph Keller

2011 All Rights Reserved.

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