Looking down on all of us today, with lots of love from heaven
Airline crews, passengers, workers, and ground heroes from 9/11
They boarded planes, arrived at the Pentagon, or World Trade that day
To work hard, or travel, with no thoughts of terrorists sending planes our way

They were young, old, black, white, slices of America, at its very seams
Proud, loving, family folks, in differing stages of pursuing their dreams
10 years ago, America was changed in so many ways forever
One thing that will never change is that our heroes will leave us never

Thanks to all of you from all of us, we will never fear any terror or hate
Your lives will always be a reminder of the things that make America great
American spirit, democracy, and freedom, these are hallmarks of our way of life
Today is a reminder from our heroes….a firefighter, a husband, or a wife

We have learned so much uniting around this horrible tragedy
A hope, a prayer, of learning even more that will lead to constant unity
Around the world we now must send sons and daughters, each and every day
In unity, our prayer is a simple one; it is that no harm comes their way

Rest In Peace and Thank You.

Read, learn, and share……Have a Family Meeting!

C. Randolph Keller

2011 All Rights Reserved.

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