Better Not Bitter Is The Goal

It seems like your Mother went into labor and gave birth only yesterday
God sent you, a man-child as my eldest, and 2 years later, your sister my way
Still a young man, father and husband, loving and eager, but without a clue
Unsteady with my steps, praying that my choices were the right thing to do

My only examples of fatherhood were uncles, a godfather, a stepfather
After I reached age 5, your grandfather, my father, simply just didn’t bother
He walked out on your Grama and me, leaving when I was very small
As I grew up, seldom did he come by and even more rarely did he call

Experiencing the hurt he caused, there is one firm vow that I have made
I would always be there for you and your sister, until dead in my grave
And even still and after that, when as a man you are searching for the why
I will always be right there with you, just lift your eyes and look into the sky

Next year you will be in college, soon you will be a man
You both have done well thus far, on track, and believing that you can
Better and not bitter about my Dad was the vow, and ultimately my primary goal
When I look at both of you I know that I have done that… so far…. I can feel it in my soul!

Read, learn, and share…….Have a Family Meeting!

C. Randolph Keller

2011 All Rights Reserved

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