A “Baby Daddy” Story That Needs Changing!

Born into a poverty that institutions sometimes sustained
A dysfunctional public education historically maintained
Prenatal, obstetrics, pediatrics, sometimes questionable at best
Undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, underfed, can’t compete with the rest

Starting to act up and act out in elementary school
Now Mom is saying, “I don’t know what to do with this fool”
A drink in her hand and some new dude at the spot
A formula for college, this scene certainly is not

Now, its middle school and I am smelling myself
Got a girl named Katrina and a 9 hidden on the shelf
An 8th grade education and a 2nd grade reading level
Walked into court and heard the judge bang his gavel

Fast forward, Katrina is pregnant and I am in high school
I know it was Darnell, she must think I am a fool
The paternity test says it really is me
Looking for a job, no skills, just hopes of a GED

Read, learn, and share…..Have a Family Meeting!

C. Randolph Keller

2011 All Rights Reserved.

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2 Responses to A “Baby Daddy” Story That Needs Changing!

  1. Nice piece. It touched my heart. Unfortunately “baby daddies” aren’t always in their teens. My “baby daddy” disappeared on my little one and me but we’re making it. Thanks for sharing.

    TC Galltin

    • Thank you so much for following our work. I fully understand that this phenomena comes at all sorts of differing life stages. I wish you and your little one blessings in the days ahead. Once again, thanks and I hope you continue to read our blog and follow the work of The Pyramid Institute, Inc. Read, learn, share…..Have a Family Meeting.

      C. Randolph Keller

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