Jeans, Sneakers, and a Long White Tee

I went to court in sneakers, a long white tee, and jeans.
The judge asked me if I knew what my appearance means.
I said “man, I don’t know, what is wrong with my dress?”
He responded angrily, “you are not dressed to impress.”

He said” no second chances for a first impression.”
I thought… my father did not teach me this life lesson.
He came to my Momma’s house to drive me downtown
Eyes bloodshot, face twisted up, smelling like Crown.

His jeans were sagging, ball cap cocked, and a long white tee
At 52 years old, Pops unashamed was dressed just like me
These life lessons of dress and respect; he never tought
His lessons to me were simple…. babes, husslin, win if you fought.

The recurring theme from my Pops was always get paid.
Never speaking to me about the mistakes he had made
Now here I stand facing a judge who is angry at me
Thanks to Pops, I have no idea what’s wrong with jeans, sneakers, and a long white tee.

By: C. Randolph Keller

Read, learn, and share……Have a Family Meeting!

2011 All rights reserved.

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