What’s good for the Goose……..Oops, I mean Gander!

Reggie Brown, President Barack Obama impersonator, was at least a portion of the entertainment at the recent Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

Brown, who is African-American, as part of his stand-up before the Republican crowd, suggested that the President only celebrates one-half of Black History Month since he had biracial parents. The punch line………..the president’s “mother loved a black man, and no, she was not a Kardashian,” referencing the reality-show sisters who have dated and/or married black men. Then just for a little added good measure, Brown then likened our President and his family to the characters in the old television sitcom Sanford and Son. The bit, up to this point, along with its racially connoted comparisons apparently brought wide laughter from the Republican Leadership Conference attendees.

However, in what was obviously a surprise turn of events, Brown began to exercise his “comedic genius” to get some laughs at the expense of the other side of the aisle. When the subject matter turned to Barbara Bush’s appearance, Romney’s faith, Pawlenty’s spine or lack thereof, and a barb about Newt Gingrich, Brown was met with a chorus of boos and groans. Just before his joke about Rep. Michele Bachmann got legs, Brown was escorted from the stage of the Republican Leadership Conference.

Just a couple of observations:

1) How disgraceful is it that any “political leadership” finds humor in comparing the President of the United States and leader of the free world, to Fred Sanford, a fictional Black junk dealer who some would liken to an Amos and Andy character given his depiction in this prototypical sitcom?

2) Now, I am a big boy who likes humor just as much as the next guy. So let’s assume that I, like lots of folks, could find humor in Brown’s bit and accept the racially charged jokes as just that….jokes.

3) Why couldn’t this audience laugh at the jokes when the tables were turned? In fact, Brown was escorted out of the venue.

It seems that what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander…….oh well…………in the context of our society, this cliche never quite fit or made much sense anyway.

After all, isn’t the gander a male goose?

Read, learn, and share……………..Have a Family Meeting!

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