10 Things That My Biological Father, Charles Edward Keller, Taught Me

1. That 4-year-olds are resilient.

2. That the church is a place where an abandoned mother and child can find refuge and a place to store their personal belongings when the rent is not paid during the divorce and their stuff winds up on the curb.

3. That God dispatches guardian angels to protect a latch-key kindergartener.

4. That Grandmas are the most extraordinary human beings, who know how to make you feel loved, safe, and confident.

5. That God will put the God in Godfather and dispatch angels like Uncle William so that a son will know a father.

6. That God will dispatch even more angels in the form of uncles like Robert, Ernest, Marcellus, James, Freddie, Ted, Billie, Pete, and too many more to name here!

7. That stepfathers can treat you just like a biological son and give you the younger brother that you always wanted and then always stress to you both that you are brothers.

8. That an older sister, who was treated the same way by our shared biological dad, can by the grace of God arrive in your life early enough so that the two of you can live and love as though you grew up together…..she, like my brother, is one of my greatest treasures!

9. That you can take all of the negativity surrounding your relationship with him and turn it into love, nurturing, and support, living with your own children and their mother from birth, trying to deliver each and every day on a promise to yourself and to them, to be better and not bitter.

10. That because you have raised a son and daughter thus far in a manner like you would have wanted your biological father to have raised you, your son can look you in the eye as a young man and encourage you, telling you that “until you let go of the hurt, you will not truly be free.” Young Randy constantly reminds me, “What’s to worry about, Dad?–you have us!”

So on Father’s Day, I want to say thanks to Charles Edward Keller for these lessons.

In a most ironic way, you have made me a better father and perhaps a better man.

Read, learn, and share……..Have a Family Meeting!

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