The Other Governor’s Mansion

Finally, the media frenzy over the infidelity of California’s former governor is waning.

Frankly, I am sick of it and wonder what exactly is so newsworthy about Arnold’s behavior, other than he is a former movie star married to a Kennedy family member that he betrayed.

There is another governor on the complete opposite coast of the country. He is an African-American man, a graduate of Milton Academy, an elite prep school, Harvard as an undergraduate, Harvard Law School, and one of only two African-American men elected to the office of Governor in the history of the United States. He is married with two daughters.

Couldn’t some fraction of the media time and attention focused on “Arnold,” and his sexual exploits inside the governor’s mansion have been devoted instead to a piece on Governor Deval Patrick? Maybe, just maybe, some young inner city boys and girls would have been watching television and had their lives changed.

A Reason To Believe, Lessons From An Improbable Life, written by Governor Deval Patrick is must reading for any impoverished, discouraged, or motivated inner city youngster, who needs every possible beacon of encouragement that an improbable life journey can happen. One of the most stirring passages in the book is about love. Governor Patrick writes:

“Love, I have learned, is like success itself: What matters most is not what you get but what you give. Selfless love is the most powerful. How you treat friends and family defines your own character and creates a ripple effect that can travel far and wide. That goodwill, that spirit of helping others, is the foundation of any community.”

There are so many positive role models, mentors, and inspiring life stories that have so much more real and positive life changing value than profane, misogynist, gyrating videos or the “newsworthy” infidelity of our politicians and stars. Perhaps, Governor Patrick says it best in the quote that is part of his prologue: “I’ve simply seen too much goodness in this country-and have come so far in my own journey-not to believe in those ideals, and my faith in the future is sometimes restored under the darkest clouds.”

This Blog is going to try to bring you these stories, so that you can share them with young people who are navigating their way through life’s challenges.

I am extremely proud of my governor (even though I live in Ohio, I still consider him my governor) and, believe me, indescribably proud of the President of the United States of America —  positive role models………. for so many young men and women who can achieve an improbable life journey just like these two great men.

Turn the television off and read about what goes on in the other governor’s mansion, the Massachusett’s governor’s mansion. It will be refreshing and inspirational. Most importantly, make the kids learn about Governor Patrick, show them links about him on the social media, and read his book!

It will help give them, and us, “a reason to believe.”

Read, learn, and share…………Have a Family Meeting!  

C. Randolph Keller

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