Frederick McKinley Jones-Today’s Black History Month Highlight

Frederick McKinley Jones (1893-1961) is today’s Black History Month highlight. He is one of the most accomplished and prolific African-American inventors ever, with more than 60 patented inventions to his credit.

Jones is perhaps best know though for his work in the area of automated refrigeration. He is best known for his 1935 invention of an automated refrigeration system for long haul trucks, which was mounted on the roof of the truck. His invention of a practical refrigeration system for long distance trucking and railroad cars revolutionized the long distance transportation of food, eliminating concerns over spoilage.

He also invented a self-starting gas engine and movie projector devices that focused on noise and the automated equipment for the distribution of tickets and giving change to patrons.

Jones was born in Covington, Kentucky, near Cincinnati on May 17, 1893. He received his mechanical training in the military while serving in France and was self-taught when it came to electronic devices.

Source: Article by Mary Bellis for

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