Happy Birthday Langston Hughes!

We are glad to kick off Black History Month on February 1st, the birthday of Langston Hughes.

“When Hughes died in 1967, his years of literary productivity had spanned almost half a century. In a sense, he was a literary phenomena, for he was one of the first Black men of literature who strove to make a productive and profitable career out of his writing. This he accomplished in spite of the overwhelming obstacles faced by a Black writer from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.

He was also a literary phenomenon in the sheer variety of his literary output. With the possible exception of formal literary criticism, he wrote in every genre. Throughout his four decades of literary creativity, he wrote, poetry, drama, and fiction, assembled anthologies, and collaborated in the translation of many of his works.”

Source: Black Writers of America, A Comprehensive Anthology

Enjoy, an introduction in his own words, and hear “I Too,” a poem written by Hughes about why African-Americans are indeed part of the American fabric.


Read, learn, and share……Have a Family Meeting!

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