An Introduction To “The Family Meeting”

In order to introduce The Family Meeting in its new format here, what better way to start than to provide you with an archive of posts since our inception? Most of the early commentaries and posts can be read in their entirety on The Pyramid Institute’s Facebook Page. It was on that page where we began back in July, 2010 and now you can continue following us right here. 

7-19-10 The story of Ray Williams former NBA guard who was homeless when this 2010 article was written about him. A genuine lesson in financial responsibility.

7-19-10 A Chicago Charter School sends all of its graduates to college.

7-28-10 This is a must see! Deonte Bridges’ Valedictory speech. A moving story of beating the odds and his interview about the speech, and

8-2-10 A commentary on Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.

8-16-10 An inspirational story about a Brooklyn teen who lived in a homeless shelter while in high school and his acceptance to college.

8-26-10 A Reflection About Fatherlessness.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/-a-reflection-about-fatherlessness/154914281186967

9-8-10 Ten Man Laws For Our Young Men.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/10-new-man-laws-for-our-young-men/158471314164597

9-18-10 The 7 Point Creed.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/the-7-point-creed/161313967213665

9-27-10 A story about an urban teen beating the odds.

10-13-10 That Man Is A Success.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/that-man-is-a-success/167684689909926

10-19-10 Good News: Black Quadruplets Get Accepted To Yale.

10-25-10 2025 Campaign For Black Men and Boys.

11-8-10 Family Is Everything.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/family-is-everything/174754429202952

11-17-10 An Advertisement For The Relevance of The Family Meeting.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/an-advertisement-for-the-relevance-of-tpi-and-the-family-meeting/177177135627348

11-29-10 Education, Education, Education!!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/education-education-education/180210535324008

12-6-10 Cleveland Shoots 27% And Everybody Is Focused On Lebron.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/cleveland-shoots-27-and-everybodys-focused-on-lebron/181985848479810

12-13-10 A 21st Anniversary Celebration.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/a-21st-anniversary-celebration/183747751636953

12-20-10 A Secret Santa Pays Rent.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/a-secret-santa-pays-rent/185526778125717

12-28-10 A Train To Heaven That We Missed.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/a-train-to-heaven-that-we-missed/187885877889807

1-2-11 10 New Year’s Wishes For 2011.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/10-new-years-wishes-for-2011-from-the-family-meeting-and-the-pyramid-institute/189186317759763

1-10-11 Out Of The Mouths Of Babes.!/notes/the-pyramid-institute/out-of-the-mouths-of-babes/191202137558181

The Family Meeting hopes that you will enjoy our approach and visit us regularly in the future.

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